Below are some reviews I received about my speech, Turning grief inside out.  In this presentation, I speak about my experiences with having had two stillbirths and how to support someone going through that grief.

When Christine spoke to our group about stillborn birth and miscarriages, I was still raw from my daughter’s miscarriage and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to listen. Her gentle style and authenticity was what I needed. She provided specific actions that I now take when encountering other women who are grieving. Her message is powerful.  Susie: Tonganoxie, Kansas

It is wonderful that you have the courage to share your journey with us. Thank you. I know it touched many of us. I thought it was very helpful. You gave great thoughts and ideas on what to do. People look for tasks.

My favorite part was the personal story and truth. And also the advice on how to handle the grief as well as how to help a friend or relative go through grief. I learned how important it is to take help and comfort from those willing to give it to you. I think it is important to bring this topic to light in order to help all mothers who suffer in silence. Linsdsey: Kansas

Thank you for sharing your story and your heart. I have several friends/family that have also had still births and it’s good to hear advice on how to support them in carrying their cross.